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Inspire People to Follow Jesus
With Their Finances
A Church-Wide Campaign
In Three Steps
Sunday Teaching

Four teaching outlines will give you a head start on prepping for this month-long sermon series while still leaving room to personalize the messages for you and your church.

Mid-Week Meet-Ups

Have your attendees gather (in home groups or at the church) and watch Andy recap your Sunday teaching in a short video segment, then dive into discussion that will help them apply the lesson to their own financial situations.

Positive Reinforcement

In-session activities, optional homework exercises, and social media posts will work together to reinforce the takeaways from If Money Talked all month long.

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No matter how convinced or convicted people feel, it's hard 
to turn a sermon into a step.

So, this campaign will give your attendees

the time, space, and support they need to:

Realize that finances and faith are connected

Evaluate their current relationships with money

Prioritize giving, saving, and living (in that order)

Reconsider justifications and excuses for not giving

Develop an action plan for funding the local church

If you're ready to launch a
church-wide campaign, we'll give
you everything you need—for FREE!

(That's a $210 value!)

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